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About Eternal Spring

Eternal Spring Chi Kung focuses on the fundamentals of breathing, posture alignment and body strengthening techniques. Similar to those practiced by the most serious martial arts trainees, these techniques are wonderful to practice as a daily routine simply to revitalize, heal and strengthen one's body in a holistic way. Whether you are looking for a gentle, effective way to improve your health or are interested in working on your weakness in Tai Chi, Eternal Spring Chi Kung is a new way to get back to basics.

Specially tailored for senior adults by Master C.K. Chu, the Eternal Spring program focuses on two of the most essential exercises: Nei Kung and the Tai Chi Short Form.

Nei Kung is a series of internal exercises, in which specific postures correctly align the body to generate chi (healing energy).

The Tai Chi Short Form is a thousand- year-old, slow-moving solo exercise. Practice improves one's sense of balance and coordination, and develops flexibility and strength of joints and muscles.

Both exercises are practiced in a relaxed and meditative manner, with attention to alignment of the body and deep breathing. There is no better exercise for reversing the effects of aging.

Tai Chi is widely considered to be the perfect exercise for seniors. In China, Tai Chi is referred to as a source of youthfulness. In the West, scientists have amply documented the "alternative" health benefits of the centuries-old healing art, which is based on the same theories of "chi" (life force) that are the basis of acupuncture and modern Chinese medicine.

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