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Louis Lortie
February, 2007

My name is Louis Lortie. I am classical pianist and conductor. And I am very happy I met Master Chu about two years ago. Because since then I do chi kung every day of my life. And it really helps me focus on my chi, on my center of energy, just before and during a performance, and also in everyday life. For the stress of traveling, I have to go through many jetlags so I do this even before boarding an airplane, or after getting off the airplane it helps me get much better sleep and just focus generally much more on what I'm doing and also in life--in general--easier breathing, easier connection with myself, and with the universe around me. [play]
Lun Wong
Thursday, October 30, 2003
I have been practicing Eternal Spring exercise since 2001. Besides coming to the class twice a week, I practice it on my own every day. I had previously practiced tai chi in Queens for about 10 years, yet never felt my chi (life force) so strongly. After my first Eternal Spring class, my body felt very energized. Since then, there have been many beneficial changes in my body.

I used to work at a dry cleaner, ironing clothes all day long. Because of my job, I had developed arthritis in my hands. My fingers were swollen and in pain much of the time. Now the fingers are no longer swollen or in pain, and I can move them without any problem.

I also find myself doing house chores for a long period of time with ease, moving things around, picking them up, bending down and reaching up. I used to have to be careful about pushing myself because I would get muscle aches and headaches. But now all I get is a deeper-than-usual night’s sleep, which feels really good.

Recently at a check up, my doctor said my bone density had increased by about 20% since my last check up 3 years ago. He was very surprised.

When I hold the Easy Horse Stance, I now often feel the chi shoot up my spine like some kind of heat. Master Chu says only few people experience this in such a short period of time. I am proud of my progress.


Victoria Datar
Thursday, October 23, 2003
After having two brain surgeries, I had constant severe head aches and suffered loss of coordination and severe dizziness to the point of passing out. A friend told me that the tai chi taught by Master Chu had improved her balance and coordination, so I decided to try it.

I started practicing both tai chi and the Eternal Spring chi kung with Master Chu in the middle of July 2003. Within two weeks, the dizziness disappeared so much that I don't need to use the Transderm Scop patch I was dependent on. The head aches became less frequent, and my coordination got better. Now I rarely experience any head aches.

I also had torn medial meniscus cartilages in both knees. I had the left knee operated on. I could not walk without knee braces, and I could only walk very slowly. Now I only wear the braces when I do tai chi or Eternal Spring. I can walk much faster and can get up and down the stairs to the subway with no problem or loss of balance.

Mathew Baum
Tuesday, September 09, 2003

The Tai Chi Chuan Center has been my second chance in life!!!

It started 5 years ago with a total hip replacement at the age of 42. Dealing with alcohol and drugs to overcome the pain was a way of life for me. I’ve dealt with this pain most of my life, with a broken back from an accident at work.

My life hit rock bottom with my wife of 24 years leaving me due to the state of mind caused from pain. Then, fate lead me to the Tai Chi Chuan Center!

It’s been about one year now since I joined the Tai Chi Chuan Center and met Master Chu and the whole staff. It’s just short of a miracle: NO PAIN, lost 45 lbs., and I’m proud to say that I’m spending time with my daughter and not drinking!

I attend as many classes as I can, on some days two. I hear Master Chu speak about Chi this and Chi that, make round and breathe, etc. It’s over my head. But Master Chu says, “JUST DO IT, don’t think about how it works - just know that it does.”

In closing, I’m pleased to share the experience of my second chance. My journey ahead is long, but on my way I hope I can make a little difference in someone else’s life and give back this true spirit.

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